Company Profile

DASCOR specializes in development, fabrication and programming of custom instrumentation systems for the aerospace, marine,petroleum, medical, automotive and leisure industries. In support of this mission, DASCOR has brought together a responsive,professional team of engineers and technology specialists.

DASCOR's background includes the design of processor-controlled analog and digital circuitry for signal conditioning, data acquisition, data processing and presentation, function/wave-form generation, and PID servo-loop control.

Hands on experience ranges from system architecture through board layout to manufacturing, as well as the design of complex test and assembly hardware, with applications in instrumentation, manufacturing, materials testing and robotics.

Design and Engineering resources include schematice capture, PCB layout and mechanical CAD systems, test instrumentation and calibration. Computer science experience includes systems analysis and design, programming in most major languages. A major emphasis is placed on well documented, flaw-free applications packages in a variety of operating environments where the real-time user and hardware interfaces must be intuitive and bullet-proof.

Staff certification includes metallurgical, hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical, electrical, electronic and industrial technology as well as post graduate education and state Professional Engineering Registration.

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