The DASCOR line of Data Loggers consists of a series of small, self powered units, software and accessories that offer state-of-the-art convenience, accuracy, and reliability.  Several units have even survived exposure in runaway test chambers to temperatures in excess of 150°C without loss of acquired data stored in high temperature non-volatile memory, or shifts in the calibration.

The M1 series of Data Loggers form a family that has a long and proven track record in many unusual and severe environments. The core design has been adapted for agricultural research use as large (2) and small (3) ruminant loggers, high temperature and pressure logging for offshore oil and marine applications (4), humidity (5), temperature,  pH (6), ORP and other ion specific measurements for environmental monitoring, as well as propellant grain monitoring for WHIMS (HMOM 1) systems as the M1a (7) & 2-ch-HT (8).

Various custom OEM versions have been approved for use in the high shock and vibration environment of the offshore oil industry, and in the explosive conditions of solid propellant rocket motor testing.  The basic design of the electronics has been reduced in size to fit into the handle and head of a “Big Bertha” golf club, as well as the large stomach (rumen) of sheep and goats.

Data Logger calibration, test setup, and download of test data are easily accomplished using Windows software (for 2K, and XP). A Serial Interface cable is provided which includes a USB adapter for use with laptops or other computers without a COM port.

Software and drivers are being upgraded.  New downloadable files will be available shortly. 
In the meanwhile, please contact DASCOR directly to request access to newer programs.

Archival Materials...for reference use only...not for current use!

1.    M1A FLYER 01.PDF
2.  M1a Data Logger Manual 
(NOTE: Provided for archival purposes only—use Version 6.1x)
Click to Download (Data Logger Manual M1a v30.pdf , 4.1MB) This is a BIG file, and may take a minute or 2wo to appear in Adobe Reader
3.    M1a Data Logger Software (Current release of .msi Install file in ZIP format). 
(NOTE: Provided for archival purposes only—use Version 6.1x)  
[Email DASCOR to request a password required to Unzip the file] 
Right click and save zip file to your computer. Unzip progam and install Download.(M1a-v301 msi. zip, 4.1MB)