DASCOR is a world leader in providing autonomous data loggers for ruminal research with over 500 units already in the field.  Standard LRCpH loggers currently in production include support for measuring Temperature, ORP/REDOX, pH, and battery voltage. One or two more positions can be added for additional optional sensors.  Data rates can be set from one scan per second to one scan per 18 hours.  114,687 data points can be stored in non-volatile memory.  A 9-Volt alkaline battery supports at least 5 tests which completely fill memory.  Support software and interface cables are provided to allow a PC or laptop to calibrate and set up the loggers for tests, and to download the subsequent data into a spreadsheet compatible .csv file.

With ongoing active support from the research community and the manufacturer of our sensors, DASCOR has continuously improved the performance and long term reliability of both the loggers and sensors.  pH sensors in particular now have significantly extended life and reliability, along with calibration stability and repeatability demonstrated in use over multiple field trials.   Electronics are based on logger engines with over a decade of use in rugged military and oil-field applications.  As new sensor designs are proven in actual field use, the overall size of the loggers is being reduced, with  bolus units available for use in smaller ruminants for esophogeal insertion. Wireless (RF) links are also being investigated, and will be introduced when a unit suitable for long term commercial use is available.

Starter Kits are available at a reduced price for first time users.   Starter kits are limited to one per organization and may be factory refurbished units.   Units are also available for rent.  Discounts off the standard prices are available at 5, 10, and 20 units.  A further discount is available to bona fide public Universities and government research agencies.  Inquiries regarding custom modifications and special sensors are welcome! Please email us requesting the LRCpH Price Calculator Excel spreadsheet.

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Sales in China are handled exclusively by www.anscitech.com

DASCOR also sells the consumable sensors, and support items such as Bar-Diamond cannulas and cannula plugs.

The sensor suite currently includes:
pH   (Consumable, Standard)
NH4+   (Consumable, Optional)
Temperature (Permanent, Standard)
ORP/REDOX (Permanent, Standard)
The following sensors can be made available if interest warrants:
Pressure  (Permanent)
NH3        (Consumable)
Nitrite ion  (Consumable)
Chloride ion  (Consumable)
Conductivity     (Consumable)
Dissolved Oxygen (Consumable)

If you wish to contact the researchers at any of these institutions, we will be happy to forward your email to them for reply. 


  •  Japan, ZENNOH
  • China, Chinese Academy of Animal Science
  • Australia:  University of Adelaide


  • University of Manitoba
  • Lethbridge Research Institute
  • University of Alberta
  • Alberta Agriculture & Food
  • University of Saskatchewan


  • Sweden, University of Sweden
  • Israel, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Netherlands, Wangeningen University
  • Switzerland , Agroscope Liebefeld-Posieux Research Station
  • Denmark,  Research Centre Foulum, Aarhus Universitet
  • France:  INP-ENSAT
  • Germany: Free University of Berlin
  • Austria: Institute for Veterinary Medicine
  • Netherlands: Nutreco


  • Brazil, University of Sao Paulo


  • ADM (Archer Daniels Midland)
  • Lallemand Animal Nutrition
  • University of New Hampshire
  • University of West Virginia
  • Virginia Technical University
  • W. H. Miner Agricultural Research Inst.
  • University of Nebraska
  • Utah State
  • Iowa State
  • San Diego State College (Coral reef studies)
DASCOR LRCpH Manuals and Guides:
4 page QuickStart guide to the LRCpH Loggers LRCpH Quickstart Guide 04.pdf  
Complete User's Guide for the LRCpH T4 and T5-1 LRCpH Loggers LRCpH Users Guide Release 2007-Dec-26.pdf
Sample data reduction spreadsheets to accompany the User's Guide LRCpH Barn Worksheet_2007.xls
Detailed Software Manual  Data Logger M1a Release 610 Release 2007-Nov-28.pdf
Notes on the new NH4+ sensors and T5-2 LRCpH Loggers T5-NH4 Notes 2008-01-02.pdf
FIRST UNINSTALL ANY INSTALLED SOFTWARE IN THE V7xx series. If you have a copy of V630, it must remain for use with older loggers.
It is very important to remove ALL older V700 series software, before installing the new version.
Click the link to download the latest released software installation package as a ZIP file.
ALSO be sure to download a copy of the USER'S Guide, and read the section on software installation.
Move the file to a temporary folder and unpack. Read any installation or READMEFIRST notes, then proceed to run the SETUP.EXE file.
If you have any problems, feel free to call Kelly at 760-796-7788 for installation help (California Time Zone)
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We are happy to add additional papers for download, or reference. Please drop us an email with the paper attached or a link to a location where it can be obtained. If you are not author, or otherwise authorized to give permission for reproduction and dissemination due to Copyright limitations, please provide a complete reference, link or source, and description of the paper, rather than the paper itself. If you are able to provide reprints, we can include your contact information in the listing.

Technical Papers for work using the LRCpH Data Logger
1. Penner, Beauchemin, and Mutsvangwa, An Evaluation of the Accuracy and Precision of a Stand-Alone Submersible Continuous Ruminal pH Measurement System,
This is the original paper on the LRCpH Data Loggers.
J. Dairy Sci. 89:2132-2140, 2006 [771 KB] 
for a completely cross referenced source. 
2. Penner, Beauchemin, and Mutsvangwa, Severity of Ruminal Acidosis in Primiparous Holstein Cows During the Periparturient Period,
J. Dairy Sci. 90:365-375, 2007 [122 KB]
3. Silveira, Oba, Yang, and Beauchemin, Selection of Barley Grain Affects Ruminal Fermentation, Starch Digestibility, and Productivity of Lacatating Dairy Cows,
J. Dairy Sci. 90:2860-2869, 2007 [82 KB]
Other Relevant Technical Papers
4. Nocek, Allman, & Kautz, Evaluation of an Indwelling Ruminal Probe Methodology and Effect on Grain Level on Diurnal pH variation in Dairy Cattle,
J. Dairy Sci. 85:422-428, 2002 [141 KB]
5. Krause, Combs, and Beauchemin, Effects of Forage Paritcle Size and Grain Fermentability in Midlactation Cows.  II. Ruminal pH and Chewing Activity,
J. Dairy Sci. 85:1947-1957, 2002 [100 KB]
6. Marden, Bayourthe, Enjalbert, and Moncoulon, A new Device for Measuring Kinetics of Ruminal pH and Redox Potential in Dairy Cattle,
J. Dairy Sci. 88:277-281, 2005 [552 KB]
6a ORP/REDOX presentation, Marden, JAM 2008 Indiannapolis Marden.pdf

DASCOR also maintains an email newsletter dedicated to ruminal research involving the LRCpH data loggers.  Please send an email to listmanager at dascor with “LRCph NEWS” in the subject line and we will send you information

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