"Mike Ellis passed away on Wednesday, May 7th, 2008 . 
We will all sincerely miss his extraordinary talent, wit, and caring
-The staff at Dascor"

William K. Borsum, P.E.

Kelly has been the driving force behind the technical developments and marketable products generate by the two companies, which he has founded.  His multitude of talents has been applied to a significant quantity of product development over a period of 40 years.  Graduating with the Pioneer Class of Revelle College of Science and Engineering at UCSD with a BA degree, Kelly was already a master tool and die maker and had several patents issued through the Office of Naval Research. 

Subsequent on the job training and practical experience has given him proficiency and certifications in metallurgy, mechanical, electrical, electronic, and industrial engineering .  He is also a Registered Professional Engineer with the California Board of Registration for Professional Engineers .  He is proficient in the use of both mechanical 3-D (Alibre) and electronic (Protel) CAD systems, as well as Visual Basic. 

Kelly has experienced full-charge responsibility for a wide range of projects, including such diverse fields as pharmaceutical safety closures, manufacturing test equipment, tactical navigation computers and instrumentation for America ’s Cup yachts, and instrumenting golf clubs for Callaway Golf.  Responsibilities also included hands-on  mechanical and electronic design and programming of Dascor’s current line of OEM  signal conditioning and data logger products, as well as overall responsibility for their manufacture and test.

Richard Lizon

Richard has provided firmware support for past and present data logger projects at Dascor using TERN, Keil, and Raisonance IDE’s since 2001 as the Sr. Software Engineer.  During prior employment at Proxima/InFocus Corporation he served in a similar capacity on projects such as:

  • Firmware Design from conception, production, and support of an embedded system using an 89C51RC+/2 μP and Keil C6.0 μVision 2 IDE. Product is a Projector Controller (supporting 18 Projectors) and Audio/Video Switcher, 4 Port Office Version. A version that supported Internet Access using emWare via Ethernet was also developed, using the same basic HW design.
  • Firmware Design and modification to support various LCD projection panels and Desktop Projectors, using Motorola 68331, NEC 78C224/238, and 78C451 μP’s.
  • Prior projects while at Datagraphix and Control Data Corporation included:
  • An interactive debugger and board level diagnostics for a 120-bit microcoded custom RIP engine that used an AMD29116 RISC μC as the ALU.
  • Design, implementation and test of a mini-computer implementation for the UCSD PASCAL P System.

Richard graduated in 1977 with a B.A. in Mathematics with Computer Science Emphasis from San Diego State University .  Richard has two patents (5,594,468, and 5,502,459)

Tom Santrizos

With thirty years of practical hands-on experience in the electronics field and broad experience in troubleshooting, repair, production, design, quality control, test engineering, and line supervision, Tom has provided invaluable services to Dascor during new product development through his tenacity in ensuring that quality control and manufacturability criteria are met, as well as in Sustaining Engineering.  His responsibilities include design and troubleshooting sensor and data systems, CAD layout of PCBs, mechanical and electrical design of test, prototype and development products.  While at Dascor Tom was a major contributor to an award winning consumer product where he provided electronic design, PCB layout, prototyping services, as well as resolving performance and quality issues.

In prior positions at Proxima Corporation (now Infocus), Tom provided detection, resolution, and corrective action implementation of quality issues, along with process improvement through design, and development of procedures, training, and hardware.  He was acting supervisor in absence of the department manager. He also created measurement hardware to reduce man-hours and improve data acquisition and reliability during manufacture, improved test station efficiency through hardware and procedure development, created and supervised OEM modification rework lines and procedures, and oversaw the inspection and modification lines for OEM products where he supervised 20 assemblers/inspectors.

Tom has an AS degree, Santa Barbara City College, Santa Barbara, CA, with additional course work in Biology, Astronomy, and Physics, plus SPC and Process Improvement.  Tom is experienced in PROTEL schematic capture and PCB layout.

Jack Kolehouse

Jack brings sixteen years experience in software development with knowledge of C/C++, Visual Basic, Authorware Professional, and Access Databases. 

At Dascor, Jack has developed and to maintained the user interface for Dascor’s Data Acquisition Systems using Visual Basic.  Prior to joining Dascor, Jack served as a programmer at the nation’s largest developer of educational software.  Major projects included producing CD-ROMs for installation of Curriculum Programs, updating curriculum to modern software standards, and completing updates and modifications of third party software and utilities for use with curriculum programs. He has also written installation scripts using Wise and Vise installation programs, modified and maintained third party software-using C/C++, including modifying utilities to build resource files for the projects, as well as tracking product developments from initial programming to release, in order to control costs and develop a baseline for product development.

Jack has a Bachelor of Science, Computer Science - National University , San Diego , CA , and a Certificate, C Programming -UCSD Extension, University of California , San Diego , CA .

Terry Smith, P. E.

Terry is highly experienced and skilled electrical engineer with numerous achievements in design and management.  His special expertise is in analog and digital design in high noise environments assembly language, R and D and thermonuclear engineering.  Language literacy is in FORTRAN, C, and PASCAL, along with Microprocessor assembly language and hardware knowledge of MC6805, MC6811, MC6809, MC68000  family, PIC System, and 80X86 family microprocessors.  Extensive knowledge of the IBM PC, Windows 98, Windows 2000, and DOS.  Software  literacy includes Protel for Windows Schematic and PCB CAD, Intusoft Spice V10.0, Borland DELPHI-32(V5.0), MATHCAD 2000i, Microsoft Office Professional and many others.

Experience with Dascor includes the design and checkout of an instrumented Golf Club.  He collaborated in the embedded controller design of the club and did the Windows 95 Control software for uploading and downloading club head data.  He also designed test jigs for the Beckman Instruments VANGUARD Blood analyzing System. Projects with other employers (General Atomic) include participated in the proposal writing, the design phase, the implementation/construction phase, and testing phase of an electromagnetic aircraft launching system (EMALS) for the next generation aircraft carrier. 

Terry graduated with a BS in   Electrical Engineering from the University of New Mexico , the Naval Submarine School / Naval Nuclear Power School , the Nuclear Reactor Operation Prototype School , the ComputerVision School for CADDS4X, and INTEL Factory School on 8085 Microprocessor

Terry holds licenses a Nuclear Power Plant Operators License, and is registered with the California Board of Registration for Professional Engineers as a Registered Professional Engineer,  and has multiple publications. 

Mike Ellis

Michael B. Ellis offers over 25 years of international executive management, operations, business development, marketing, sales, supply chain management, customer relationship management and financial experience with an emphasis on technology driven, multi-national corporations. In addition, he has built new, technology driven enterprises from conception. Most recently, Mike has served as an executive management consultant bringing business acumen, contacts, capital and management savvy to startup and high growth companies in need of critical expertise. In these roles, Mike typically functions as acting CEO and/or Partner. 

Previously, Ellis was the Corporate Director of Engineering for Knott’s Berry Farm and was responsible for leading design and construction of Mall of America, Knott’s Camp Snoopy , a $100+ million, seven acre enclosed theme park in Minneapolis , MN . Before joining Knott’s, Ellis served within various divisions of PepsiCo, where he created and managed the IT, electrical, materials, process, mechanical and packaging engineering departments. Technologies implemented during Ellis’ tenure included advanced logistics and telecom systems, handheld processors, robotics, AS/RS, automated inventory / ordering, computerized process control, BRP, JIT, TQM, CPI, MRP, CIM and lean manufacturing. His efforts were recognized as primary factors in Frito-Lay revenue growth of 14% per year ($3 billion to $5 billion) and operating profit increase of 30% annually ($340 million to $934 million) over a four-year span.

Mike holds a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina State University.

James Newton

James is an Applications Engineer and Micro-controller Firmware Developer with a wide range of experience and a long history of working well with sales, management, and technical people. James excels at troubleshooting complex systems, correcting existing code, and providing technical support
to users of all experience levels. As a hobby, James runs the and websites which provide extensive FAQ's and sample code for the PIC and SX microcontrollers."
James has experience with PC104 x86 IAR C and ASM, TI MSP430 w/ IAR C/C++
and ASM, Microchip PIC MPASM, Z8 ASM, Parallax SX SASM/SX-Key. He has also
produced useful PCB's with Protel and Eagle schematic capture and board
layout software.
Past projects include:
- high speed data loggers for in-flight missile acceleration telemetry,
- ultra low power/long life remote pump monitoring,
- modifications to existing data loggers to expand memory and debug
- PC interface of existing stepper motor driver system."
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