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Cow Logger
Lethbridge Research Center, University of Calgary, Karen Beauchamin Phd. and Gregg Penner
Dataloggers for the study of acid stomach condition in cattle.
Used: Dascor LRCpH Data Loggers

Earthquake Sensors
Fail safe equipment shut down when critical acceleration levels are exceeded.
Uses: Dascor Seismic Sensors. Accelerometers
Project Technical Details: see brochure.

Motions platform, accelleration and hydraulic alarm systems
Uses: Dascor Smart Signal Conditioners, Dascor Seismic Alarms.

Monitors ship/boat motions and provides alarms of dangerous condidtions.
Uses: Dascor Smart Signal Conditioners, Dascor Seismic Alarms.

Echo -- CES Best of Show 2001
A portable MP3/CD Player with a 40GB hard drive downloads from PC, rips from CD (no PC required), records from radio, cassettes, minidisks, LPs and other "old format" sources. In-dash radio/CD compatible
Used: Custom Design Services

Very high impedence electromiter input signal conditioners
Used: Dascor Custom Signal Conditioners (Modified pH)
"Vanda is an attempt to analyze electrical signals from the vanda hybrida orchid, and apply language modeling techniques to these signals in a computer. The result is a virtual model, which continues to generate similar signals long after the original orchids are gone - a kind of computerized longevity."

Fail safe nuclear equipment shut down when critical acceleration levels are exceeded.
Technical Details of Project: Used to stop bridge cranes used to transport fuel core rods in the event of dangerous earthquakes.

Boeing EQS
Automated clamps hold down 747 bodies during assembly in the event of earthquakes. Operated successfully during the Nisqually Earthquake of 2001

Micron Instruments
Add on and retrofit programmable temperature controllers for furnaces and test chambers.
Used: Dascor Custom Controllers.
Technical Details of Project: Provided retrofit controllers for delta design test chambers and ATS tube furnaces. Fully programmable with remote control via RS-485 multi-drop.

Other projects in process or pending
Point4 Aquarium
Wisconsin Ovens
Missile Trials -- UK/China Lake
Sharp Gun
Micron Loggers (Weapons Health Monitoring)
HMX -- Seabrook
Florida Children's Museum -- Shaker Table

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